1-2 Thessalonians - Patience

The Thessalonian saints spent their Christian living in world filled with persecution and pain and, thus, anticipated with longing the promised blessings of the Second Coming of Christ and the accompanying salvation from pain. However, Paul writes to inform them that those promised blessings are yet a ways off for them. So what do you do when the future you're waiting for isn't here yet? What do you do when you're tired of doing what's right and waiting for the reward? How can you be "not weary in well doing" when you feel you've been doing it so long? Study with us this week to learn answers to these and other questions.

Show Notes:

"Patience: More Than Waiting," Ensign, August 2015.

D. Todd Christofferson, "The Living Bread Which Came Down From Heaven," General Conference, October 2017.

Blue Dot Sessions, "Weathervane," Creative Commons.

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