Paul says that he has a "thorn in the flesh", some weakness that persistently bothers him and forces him to admit humility and reliance on God. That f...View Details

Having a bad day? A bad week? A bad year? In this episode we dive into Paul's teachings about just why God allows those bad days/weeks/years to happen...View Details

"There are," Paul writes, "so many kinds of voices in the world." How true today, with so many and groups clamoring for our attention today Paul teach...View Details

1 Cor 8-13 - Body

Paul taught that, just as there must be unity among different parts for the body to function, so too must there be unity among different members of a ...View Details

A simple definition of a temple is: a holy place dedicated to God. Of course we have many temples around the world, but in this study, Paul opens our ...View Details

In this bonus episode, recorded from our Facebook Live discussion for the Salt Gathering, we answer questions about scripture study--everything from h...View Details

Romans 7-16 - Belong

What kind of member of the Church are you? How would you describe yourself? In Paul's epistle to the Romans he addresses a faith group filled with peo...View Details

On his final missionary journey, headed to a city he had never visited, Paul wrote one of the most thorough, logical, and powerful epistles about the ...View Details

Acts 22-28 - Ship

The record of Paul's mission ends in front of governors and kings who, for one reason or another, don't heed his testimony. Why not? Why don't they, a...View Details

Acts 16-21 - Known

Paul stands up to preach in Athens next to a statue with the inscription, "To the Unknown God." Paul, in a stroke of typical sermonizing genius, tells...View Details

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