Who is the greatest in the kingdom? How can I be great? What more must I do to earn a great reward? These questions drive our study today as we learn ...View Details

What happens when a sheep gets lost? Of course, the shepherd leaves the flock to rescue him. But what gets that sheep lost in the first place? What do...View Details

John 7-10 - Shepherd

A shepherd leads his flock, not by chasing after them with dogs, but by walking before them and calling to them. The flock follows him, not because th...View Details

In this bonus episode we interview Ashley Laneri, a seminary teacher and a soon-to-be Master of Religious Studies with a thesis on women in the Church...View Details

Matt 18/ Luke 10 - Love

After a wonderful Easter week where we studied and felt anew how much Jesus loves us we turn our attention this week to how we can better love God and...View Details


On Sunday he entered Jerusalem, on Monday he cleansed the temple, Tuesday and Wednesday he taught and Thursday through Sunday he suffered, died, and r...View Details

What is a testimony? What isn't a testimony? What does a testimony do? These are the questions we are asking as we study together this week. Show Note...View Details

"Oh thou of little faith, wherefore didst thou doubt?" Imagining Jesus saying this to his chief apostle makes you think if he'd have need to say it to...View Details

All too often in our study of the parables we focus on the soil and forget the Sower. Jesus tells us that the purpose of the parables is to "convert" ...View Details

This is our first (of hopefully many) bonus episodes to compliment the week's study in the New Testament. This week Krista had the great privilege of ...View Details

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