Acts 10-15 - Reveal

We believe . . . that God will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God, right? In this episode we study the monume...View Details

Acts 6-9 - Chosen

Just what kind of person does God choose for his service? This week we study disciples ranging from the stalwart Stephen to the radically antagonistic...View Details

Acts 1-5 - Apostle

Luke, of course, wrote the Gospel of Luke wherein he detailed in great literary style Jesus' ministry. Luke also wrote the Acts of the Apostles to hig...View Details

Over the past months we've come to know and love Jesus more as we've studied his teachings, his example, and his sacrifices for his disciples. Now, in...View Details

Everyone from Pilate to the soldiers to the Jews of the day were focused on the kingship of Jesus Christ. Pilate asked him if he was a king; the soldi...View Details

When you last took the sacrament you promised to "remember" Jesus; over the next two weeks we dive deep into just what it is that you are supposed to ...View Details

John 13-17 - Love

The word "love" appears 34 times in John chapters 13-17. These chapters, encapsulating some of the Savior's final sermons, focus on his love for us an...View Details

When we think of the Second Coming we often feel fear and apprehension. In this episode we're going to study in order to remove the fear and ease the ...View Details

Trees are supposed to bear fruit. Similarly, children of God are designed to bring forth "fruits". So what fruits does God expect us to bear? What sto...View Details

Who is the greatest in the kingdom? How can I be great? What more must I do to earn a great reward? These questions drive our study today as we learn ...View Details

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