About Us

January 27, 2018

We are Zach and Krista, a husband and wife podcasting team who nerdily talk about scriptures all the time! Zach studies them professionally and academically and Krista writes for a popular faith blog. In addition to a love for scripture study truth we also love doing things together and this podcast combines all of that passion in one place. When we're not crammed in our "studio" (closet) at 10:00 at night recording the week's podcast episode we are passionate parents to our four children, sneak-a-few-pages-while-the-kids-are-playing book readers, social gathering linger-ers, playground enthusiasts, Lego-building extraordinaires, CBS Survivor fans, and lovers of the outdoors. We're nervous about putting ourselves out in the great wide world but, in all honesty, we felt inspired to do this and are just following that prompting and seeing where it takes us. Reach out to us! Give us feedback, shoot us questions, leave us comments, subscribe, and share! 

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