All too often in our study of the parables we focus on the soil and forget the Sower. Jesus tells us that the purpose of the parables is to "convert" ...View Details

This is our first (of hopefully many) bonus episodes to compliment the week's study in the New Testament. This week Krista had the great privilege of ...View Details

The word "apostle" simply means "one who was sent." In this sense, we are all apostles, sent by the Savior and, again today by our prophet, to teach a...View Details

In a world of constant and violent persecution against those who follow Jesus, Mark writes stunning accounts of the Savior's miracles to remind Christ...View Details

Matt 6-7 - Heed

Part 2 of the Sermon on the Mount: Jesus counsels his newly called disciples to "take heed" or, in other words, to beware of some things that could da...View Details

Matt 5 / Luke 6 - Mount

Although the crowds followed Jesus he went up into a mountain and his disciples, came to him and learned from him how to leave the crowd behind and be...View Details

John 2-4 - Born Again

"Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God." This pronouncement from the Savior is about so much more than baptism, it's about Chris...View Details

Matt 4 / Luke 4-5 - If

For some, the greatest stresses and worries in life come from external temptations; for many others, the internal temptations to doubt, disparage, and...View Details

We know what John the Baptist did, but we spend far less time studying what he said. This episode we study the "voice crying in the wilderness" and le...View Details

John 1 - See

John's gospel gives us an up-close, intimate, unique, and tangible account of Jesus' ministry. John wants us to remember our own personal relationship...View Details

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